Washington Wine Society:  NOT YOUR AVERAGE WINE CLUB.  The first of its kind, WWS gives you exclusive access to the best WA wines.  We offer 3 different wines from 3 different wineries in each shipment.  Savings are built in to all of our collections.  Delivered right to your door, no more wondering what to buy or where to get the good stuff.  With our Selections you get a variety of exceptional wine, every time.

Some of the best wines in the world now are made in WA.  The WA wine industry is booming, now with nearly 900 wineries.  That’s where we come in.  We partner with wineries to compile unique Selections that grant you access to some of the most delicious WA wine that is limited or small production, hard to get, or that you otherwise might not know existed.  It is our priviledge to share these discoveries with your or your gift recipients.  We give you an experience worth repeating.

We offer popular wine Selections. HOW TO EXPERIENCE WWS:

Four options:

  1. Subscription:  Receive 3 bottles (6 or 12 bottles options available) from your favorite Selection every quarter.
  2. One Time:  Purchase a single 3 bottles (6 or 12 pack) from any Selection.
  3. Year Subscription:  Get 3 bottles (6 or 12 pack) every quarter for one year (total 4 packages).  The perfect gift.
  4. Reorder:   Previous orders may be duplicated while supplies last, email your inquiry

You will find detailed descriptions of all Selections by clicking on the "Wine Clubs" tab at the top of this home page or by scolling down.  The content of each Selection changes every 3 months, giving you a VARIETY of wines, each featuring 3 different wines from 3 different wineries so you experience different wines with each quarterly shipment.  Each 3 bottle Selection = gives you 1 of each variety of wine; Each 6 bottle Selection = gives 2 of each variety of wine; Each 12 bottle Selection = gives you 4 of each variety of wine.  

Our shipments are delivered right to your door every month or every quarter, you decide.   With Washington Wine Society, you always know the wine you receive will be as distinct as they are delicious!  Please note: photos of wine showing do not necessarily represent current shipments.




Fall quarter 2016 (Estate)

  • Quilceda Creek CVR 2014
  • Cote Bonneville Flagship 2008
  • Efeste Big Papa Cabernet Sauvignon 2012


Fall quarter 2016 (Red and White)

  • Gorman Bully 2011
  • Alexandria Nicole Quarry Butte 2013  
  • Gooseridge GRV White 2014


Summer quarter 2016 (Estate)

  • DeLille Four Flags Cabernet Sauvignon 2013
  • Woodhouse Darighe Red Blend 2012 (SOLD OUT)
  • Boudreaux Reserve Cabernet 2010



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Classic Red & White

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