About us

The first of its kind, the Washington Wine Society brings you direct and exclusive access to the best Washington wines.  We have visited many (and we’re determined to visit all) of the more than 800 wineries in Washington.  We take notes as we tour vineyards, talk to winemakers, observe the wine-making process (from harvest to bottle) and, of course, taste and compare varietals, vintages and blends.  With membership in the Washington Wine Society, you come along with us.  You get some of the best wine Washington has to offer, without having to commit to cases of wine from a single winery.

We Find Delicious, High-Quality, Washington Wine

Every wine that we feature is hand-selected from an active Washington winery.  We share with you the experience of visiting the many Washington wine regions, from the scenic vineyards of Walla Walla and Tri-Cities, to the clusters of tasting rooms in Woodinville.  We find small production and award-winning wines off the beaten path, so you know the selection you receive will be as distinct as it is delicious.

Choices that Make Sense

Sometimes choosing a wine can be a challenge.  We’ve created Selections that make it easy.  For the red wine lover, we offer the Classic Selection.  If you fancy an occasional white, we have the Classic Red & White Selection so you get the best of the red and white.  Hosting a party?  Try the Vertical Selection and explore several years of the same wine.  Planning a special occasion that you want to remember?  The Cellar Selection offers three bottles of the same wine, so you can drink one now and toast to the memories 5 and 10 years later.  If you’re looking to the top shelf, join the waiting list for our Estate Selection, which features the best and hardest-to-find of all Washington wines. 

Choose among these and other Selections and they’ll ship right to your door.  We’ll even send shipping notification e-mails so you can have you wine opener and glasses ready!

Our Guarantee is Simple

We want you to enjoy Washington wine – and we want you to be happily enjoying Washington wine.  If ever you are not completely satisfied with any part of our selection, you’ll find that our dedication to customer service and satisfaction is exceptional.